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The tester measure the voltage/ internal resistance of cells, store and upload the data to the database.

The tester is composed of control circuit module, test module, electric actuating unit, and sensing device module, etc.

Voltage Internal Resistance Test Data

The internal resistance and voltage tests have the calibration function, which can maximum eliminate the systematical error and the impedance difference of different channels, in order to improve its accuracy. We use special calibration equipment to calibration.

CategoryVoltage test accuracyInternal resistance test accuracy
RangeDirect current 0~10000mVμΩ ~ 3KΩ
Direct current ±(0.0035%Set+0.0005%FS)±(0.5%rdg.±10dgt.)
Temperature coefficiency(±0.0005%rdg.±0.0001%FS.)/℃±(0.05%rdg.±1dgt.)/℃
Display resolution2μV0.1μΩ(3mΩrange)
Repeatability and reproducibilityGR&R≤10%(For specific sample)GR&R≤10%(For specific sample)

OCV/IR Tester

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