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Basic operation (BTS7.6.0 )

Right click, menu bar gray? 
Are you signed in?

Open BTS7.6.0 & BTS8.0 and right-click the channel, if the menu bar is all gray and can't be used, it means you haven't logged on yet.

Account Number? Password?

BTS9 Software(User name: admin; Password: xinwei)
BTS7.6.0&BTS8.0(User name: admin; Password: neware)

What should I do if I forget 
my password?

Modify the client mode: change the client mode into mode = 1 and save it. Restart the client , and then it will take effect. (If you don't restart, it will not take effect)

Is the equipment faulty when the first installation feedback does not adopt battery open circuit voltage?

If you don't use this equipment test one time, the channel will not use idle voltage by default. After starting once, as long as the battery is connected, the open circuit voltage of the battery will be adopted by default, so there is no need to doubt the equipment faulty in case of this problem.(the same to 9000)

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