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We provided excellent battery testing equipment for customers at the same time, developed a complete software solution for battery industry enterprises successfully, according to their customers demands and the characteristics of the battery industry.Chinese famous battery testing laboratory and Chinese famous battery manufacturers have successfully implemented cases of the following software.

For laboratories(TLM)

  • TLM battery testing and managed platform

    The battery testing management system was the third mature version, comparad to the past two versions, its structure was more reasonable, rigorous and fitable for costomers.

  • System Charateristics

    According to ISO17025 National Laboratory Accreditation Standards;

    Using B/S+jQuery framework, compatible with the IE8+ version, Chrome, FireFox mainstream browser;

    Personnel, equipments, resources, application and changable processes, the multi angle of the electric core data;

    Multi hardware device supporting, complex data environment supporting, open interface, multi database type supporting;

    High scalability, project reporting, manual data supports twice development flexibly;

    The left side is the function of the navigation, the right side is the TabSheet operators。

  • Completable testing process management

    Coverage the whole testing process from the testing application to the release of the report;

    Testing Procedures:

    Submit order→Pre-review order→Review order→Collect sample→ Scheduling→Start test→Upload testing

    Reports→Audit testing reports→Approve testing reports→Release testing reports→handle the samples→end;

    The process of the report-collection:

    Change the application→Upload the report→Report audit→Approve report→ending;

    Different query of the testing report: individuals, departments and all.

  • Schedule the graphic interface

    Personnel task status and test cabinet channel status are clear at a glance;

    It is intuitivable and simple to operate with graphical mode;

    The discharged battery and being testing channels can continue to work;

    It can improve work efficiency if the scheduling personnel focus on scheduling.


BIS battery information management system

We record the data of the process of the battery formation, seperation and detection depending on the database.

NBIS supports a variety of equipments and technologies. In addition to back to the data of the formation, deperation and detection or testing cabinet, it can realize the collection and use of the testing data in condition of the third party equipments supplying interface or file access. It can use one system and one entrance to solve the problem of low manage and search efficiency that user equipment and system dispersion bring.

Though data cleaning and transformation, NBIS retains the key data in the battery production and testing process. The typical application of these data includes: data query and analysis automatic reports, based on data report template to generate report automatically, according to the condition to sorting and distributing of batteries.

Graphical testing data disply

Multiple traceability support;

Though the battery bar code, tracing back to all the detection data;

The system will display the full battery testing data in agraphical way clearly and directly;

Display a complete battery testing data tracing back chain. Checking the whole process of the testing data independently.

Statistic and analysis the process PASS rate in order to improve the process and the rate of finished products.

Flecible adding process

Customers don't need to change the program if they buy the new equipments in the original brand. They can achieve the integration of new equipments inspection testing data easily through definitiong the new process and information directly.

Neware battery testing traceability system compatible with a variety of domestic and foreign battery testing equipment brands including Maccor, Arbin, Jingshi, Titan and so on.

Simple operation and friendly interface

Achieve zero cost of learning, it can be used when the browser is opened;

Compatible with IE8+, Firefox, Chrome and other mainstream browsers;

Consistent, unified, beautiful and friendly user interface design;

Ajax interactive reminder, intuitive, fast and simplify the user action steps.


BTS client use C/S architecture, achieve network communication control based on TCP/IP , centralized equipment management and testing data, achieve high performance testing control.

Step Build

Step editor supports standard and advanced step. It also supports recording conditions and protection conditions setted by conditions and single steps.

Data Analyzer

BTSDA (Battery Testing System Data Analyzer) is used to data analysis, custom curve drawing, custom report. It supports curve comparison and battery consistency evaluation.


Comprehensive report is a software product that is based on B/S structure. It is developed for neware BTS battery testing equipment users needs to statistic, analysis, export the testing datas.


Users can connect to the report server to bowse and operate the testing data conveniently anywhere and anytime through a web browser;

According to equipment number, unit number, channel number, testing time range, barcode and other conditions to specify the data source, it is exported for product development, testing result analysis and other datas;

calculate and statistics the testing data in order to facilitate the customer to analysis data;

manage the tasks of report exporting;

Define or adjust the format of the data export according to the requirements.


This report finally replace different customers' report development. To solve the limitation of report development according to different customer needs. To satisfy neware most customers different requirements for the function of the integrated reporting system, which has strong continuity and expansibility.






After scanning the battery bar code by barcode scanning software, it can bind the bar code and testing data to realize the management and tracing of the historical data.

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