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Laboratory solution

  • Cycle life test

    The cycle life of the battery is analyzed through the capacity decay curve obtained from the cycle charge and discharge test of the battery;

  • Rate charge and discharge test

    The rate performance of the battery was analyzed by the capacity curve of the battery at different power charge and discharge test;

  • Temperature property:

    Test battery at different temperature of the charge and discharge test curve, analysis of the temperature of the battery performance ;

  • HPPC Test:

    A test system that includes a discharge and a pulse used to determine the dynamic power capability of the battery in the range of charging and voltage allowed by the battery;

  • Self discharge test:

    The capacity loss of the battery is tested after the scheduled time of use;


Laboratory battery testing

It mainly aims at high temperature or room temperature on the battery or battery pack
Performance test and evaluation



Auto report export;

Data backup;

Information tracing (test staff + equipment + battery bar code + data) 。

Typical application areas of laboratory testing solutions
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