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    VC++ Software Engineer(Expires till Sept.30th, 2015)


    1.Make great use of C++ to develop relevant works,including server daemon and client interface

    2.Develop data communication/database/interface



    1.Education: bachelor degree Major: relevant to Electronic Information Science and Technology

    2.Familiar with the development of VC++ and C++; have experience in VC programming for two years

    3.Skillfully use class libraries, for instance,MFC、STL、Boost etc.; have experienced in My SQL database and get well known about all terms on SQL

    4.Have experience in developing B/S and those who developed big project on interface are preferred

    5.Proficiently master the techniques of Socket programming

    6.Have great interests in software programming,keep a precise attitude and have a strong ability of self-study


    Work Place: Meilin, Futian

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